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Since my dog, Sheena, contracted breast cancer in June, 2011, and we'd been taking walks together, I noticed little gifts of nature from God on almost every walk. I think He sent them to make the pain of knowing I'd soon lose her more bearable. She died on November 27, 2011, and I still see these gifts. I'll post them here for all to enjoy. Some posts may include pictures. If you're in a similar situation with a pet or a family member and want to post gifts like mine or just talk, please, feel free. Please, have your dog spayed or neutered to avoid the heartache my family has been through. I think God was teaching me about “living in the moment,” being thankful to Him, and maybe to not think about the future so much.

Monday, July 2, 2012

I haven't posted in a long time because of dealing with Sheena's death, working on a master's degree in creative writing, and doing the final editing on my third book. This new book, The Diamond Road, came out June 27th from Soul Mate Publishing.  Here's the link to Soul Mate's page for the book:  http://www.soulmatepublishing.com/the-diamond-road/  I had a lot of fun getting to know many Canadians during my research. Believe it or not, they're just like us Americans. They love, have families and homes, they work and play, though some do it in 50 below zero and 20 hours or darkness or sunlight. Golfing at midnight...maybe not for me, but they do it in Canada. I'd appreciate it if you'd check out my book and those of other fine Soul Mate Publishing authors. The back-cover blurb is:
"Devoted to her family and God, American trucker Connie Williams decides to run the ice roads to earn money to pay her beloved father’s mounting bills as he fights kidney failure. Losing him will destroy her. Subconsciously, she feels inadequate because she never went to college like her siblings and still lives life like a teenager.
Canadian professor, rancher, and ice-road trucker Jake Baxter runs the ice roads for money to keep his ranch out of his greedy siblings’ hands. He clings to the ranch because it’s the only thing keeping his parents alive in his heart; their deaths are too fresh in his mind, too overwhelming. He blames God for his parents’ deaths and hates seeing any living creature die.
During Yellowknife, Canada’s ice roads, they will face two truckers fixated on murderous revenge. Connie and Jake and their friends have three short months to solve the mystery of who their attackers are and stop them, or die."

 Since I last posted, I had a long sob in late January and looked at the local humane society's webpage through the tears. Sheena can't be replaced, but my heart said it was time to love a new dog. I looked at their rescued dogs and loved everyone of them, but a German Shepherd  named Gretle caught my eye.  I went sobbing to my husband and explained what was happening. Funny thing was, he'd already been looking at other dogs even before Sheena died. Seeing his grief when he couldn't look when the vet helped Sheena's pain end,  I know why he was looking at new dogs. He needed that unconditional love, too. Even funnier, he'd looked at the exact same dogs I did! Great minds think alike? Funnier yet, I showed him the one I wanted and that was the one he had discounted! Even funnier yet, guess which one we got two days later? That one. He fell in love with her. Gretle had been taken from a barn full of other dogs who never saw the light of day and were starved almost to the point of death. I think it was a puppy mill besides. We've had our ups and downs with Gretie and her health, but she's adapting to my weird family. Knowing we're feeding her more than the rocks she was eating and spoiling her rotten makes me feel good. I recommend rescuing a dog or cat if you like them.


  1. The Diamond Road looks like a terrific read and love your new pup!! Pets complete us. Congrats all around.

  2. Your cover is amazing! And the blurb to A Diamond Road sounds great. Congratulations on your new addition, too! It's hard to move on, but when you do, things tend to fall into place, with God's good grace. :)

  3. Sandy I sympathize over the loss of your dog. My cat got out and I never found her. I searched the local shelter but no luck. I'm just waiting on getting another one for now. I will get her through the shelter no doubt. I have to reach that point. I was thinking the other day though I want to go to RWA Nationals in Atlanta next year, then onto to the Savannah area to see my niece-in-law and great niece and great nephew. From there I am hoping to travel to Orlando and see a couple Jim and I were close friends with and haven't seen since 1990.
    YOu have a great book there and I hope you sell millions of copies. HUGS :-)

  4. Sandy, positively love your cover & title. Sounds like a great book. Congrats! Sympathies winding their way to you over your loss. May God & Gretle comfort your heart. :)

  5. Congratulations on your books. I love the cover. I've lost pets before and one of the best things I've done is to get another one.

    1. Thank you, Ella. If you get one, let me know what you think of it. Gretle has been a good addition to my family. Have a happy 4th!