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Since my dog, Sheena, contracted breast cancer in June, 2011, and we'd been taking walks together, I noticed little gifts of nature from God on almost every walk. I think He sent them to make the pain of knowing I'd soon lose her more bearable. She died on November 27, 2011, and I still see these gifts. I'll post them here for all to enjoy. Some posts may include pictures. If you're in a similar situation with a pet or a family member and want to post gifts like mine or just talk, please, feel free. Please, have your dog spayed or neutered to avoid the heartache my family has been through. I think God was teaching me about “living in the moment,” being thankful to Him, and maybe to not think about the future so much.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The first picture I took at 5:02pm on October 31, 2011

Second picture-5:04pm

     On October 31st, 2011, I was entering the adult education building where I was to teach another section of an adult creative writing course. A thunderstorm had added yet another gloomy day to my week. I’d noticed that Sheena was slowing down and not following me around the house like before, and I let her stay in whatever room I’d just left, usually my office, my writer’s cave. When she woke up, she’d join me, or I’d come back, no problem. I loved the class I was teaching. I had confidence in my presentations and was having fun looking at their various writings and interacting with the students.
Third picture-5:06pm
     It was about 5:00pm and as I drove into the school’s massive parking lot, I saw an extremely large and bright rainbow’s end, just a few feet away. I looked up and saw another slightly less bright rainbow! It was the brightness of a normal rainbow. The first rainbow was so bright and close that I felt like I could touch it. I could see its end at a white pickup truck about 30 feet away. I tried to ignore it because I had to make handout copies for my class, but the urge to take pictures took over. I sat down my bookbag out of the rain and whipped out my cell phone. Other people around me were doing the same and exclaiming how they’d never seen anything like it. My heart began to pound with excitement as I decided to brave the misty remnants of the storm’s rain to try to touch the rainbow’s end. I knew there was no pot of gold, but at least I could say I touched a rainbow’s end.  As I walked toward the white pickup, the rainbow’s end moved away! It took me a few minutes to realize, the angle of the sunlight behind me and the misty rain all around that entire part of the city would make the rainbow move. Duh! But, that wasn’t the point, I was having a few minutes of fun, distraction from what I knew was to come, and re-enacting something I’d done as a child in the fifties, trying to find a small rainbow’s end in a park I and my brothers were playing in. As the sun moved, the rainbow receded from me today. It occurred to me that I was literally IN the rainbow’s end today!
Last picture-5:08pm

I ran to the office where I make student copies of handouts, I asked the secretaries if they’d seen the rainbow. They were as excited as I was. They’d seen it and taken pictures, too. Later in class, I asked my students if they’d seen it. They all had and one lady, who’d driven from a city the storm had just left, said the main rainbow had been so bright that she’d had to put her visor down to see the road ahead of her.
The next day, I saw a picture and article about the rainbows in the local newspaper. Interviewed people gushed about them in the article, many mirroring my student’s need to put their visors down. I know rainbows are God’s promise to not destroy the Earth and humanity by flood again and that some ancient civilizations had varying theories about them, such as the ancient Norse believing they are the bridge to get to Asgard. I took these rainbows as gifts from God that day to give me some peace and beauty in a dark time of my life.
         As I was writing this, it occurred to me that I was surrounded by one of God’s promises that afternoon because anyone to the south of me just the right distance away would see that gigantic bright rainbow and its twin surrounding me. Is that the definition of God’s love? 


  1. Sandy, What a special story. Pets are so sweet and truly one of God's gifts to us.

    For Christmas my family went to Maui and we saw rainbows almost daily. One day there was a double rainbow, like yours! :)

    Joy Dent w/a Darcy Flynn

  2. I love rainbows and what they represent! This is very cool, Sandy! How lucky you were to be in the rainbow! Thank you for sharing.

  3. I had the privilege of seeing a triple rainbow once, as well as a rain-ring around the sun. A completely circle with the colors of a rainbow in it.

  4. Rainbows are ultra-awe-mazing! As a kid I was told the rainbow's end showed where the pot of gold is hidden. God's love is golden. This is mind-shattering dimensional shifting. Thanks for the wondrous eye-opening. God blesses you, Tanja

  5. Wow Sandy, those are some amazing pics. I saw pic #2 and thought, sheeeesh, I would have been under that car looking for the pot of gold! Did I mention I'm Irish, and the little people and I are well acquainted? LOL *wink*
    Love those awesome touches from God like you received that day.

  6. Very nice pictures and very good writing. Thanks for reminding me how awesome God is in creation.

  7. Sandy, the green meteor I was telling you about can be seen on youtube if you type in Arizona Green Meteor. The video doesn't do it justice but you can definitely see it. As I said, hubby and I and a group of friends were on our property, out in the middle of nowhere on the side of Mt Graham near the New Mexico border outside of Tucson. We had a few hours to go until the New Year rang in, and suddenly there it was. A bright green ball in the sky with a flaming tale. Like a roman candle on steroids, it scored the night sky to excited oohs and ahhs. Incredibly, all sixteen of us saw it. The sight was amazing. A true gift of nature from God, to ring in the new year.

    1. Thank you for posting about the green meteor. You were right, none of the videos I saw were good. But, that's why it's a gift from God, you had to be in just the right place at the right time looking in the right direction to see it. It's the kind of thing you never forget, like when the pink one streaked into my field of vision one night while I was driving home at 1:00am from an afternoon shift at a nursing home. I don't think many people saw this beautiful meteor.

  8. Lovely! So glad it gave you a little peace. We saw a gorgeous double rainbow up in NE Ohio one time traveling home. Almost took our breath away. Thanks for the inspirational posts.